Beauty Catching Fire

Nov 25, 2013 3:56:44 PM

With the release of the latest release in the Hunger Games series, Catching Fire is another great example of the lead Jennifer Lawrence’s natural and effortless ability and talent. She may just be in her early twenties, but it’s also clear that she is already looking after herself.

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Posted in beauty tips By Nancy P.

How To Get Sexy From Head To Toe

Aug 5, 2012 3:04:08 PM

One of the biggest downsides of having a fastidious yet fantastic beauty routine is the time it takes to accomplish it. Half the time, the reason is simply to let your date wait for you downstairs with bated breath; the other reason is that women don't entirely understand how to do more in less time. Here are some tips to ensure your beauty enhancement maintains its allure while cutting down its application time. 

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Posted in beauty tips By Henry I.

We’ve all got our “beauty essentials” that we believe in. Maybe you’ve been using a specific moisturizer for years, or you started using an anti-aging eye cream when you hit 30 and are convinced that it’s doing its job to protect you from crow’s feet and wrinkles around you mouth.

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Posted in beauty tips By A. B. Banks