We’ve all got our “beauty essentials” that we believe in. Maybe you’ve been using a specific moisturizer for years, or you started using an anti-aging eye cream when you hit 30 and are convinced that it’s doing its job to protect you from crow’s feet and wrinkles around you mouth.

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Posted in beauty tips By A. B. Banks

Tips For Looking 25 Instead of 45

May 2, 2012 8:00:00 PM

According to many celebrities, the secret to success is to portray an image of success at all times. Full makeup, designer clothing, and the best accessories can really give a woman an edge of others in terms of success, marketability and dating. These days every woman, however, knows that men and employers want women who appear young, youthful, energetic, and elegant and, for an older woman, that type of mentality can be quite intimidating.

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Posted in beauty tips By Jennifer Hughs