Reduce Wrinkles in Three Easy Steps

May 16, 2012 8:00:00 PM

As you begin to look in the mirror less and less frequently, you’re also starting to think that you need to do something about your wrinkles. Maybe they took you by surprise and you feel overwhelmed by their age-defining attributes (in a bad way) - but don’t worry, we have three easy steps to make sure you reduce them quickly and take your mind off them for good!

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Posted in beauty tips By O. I. Henry

How to Keep Wrinkles at Bay

Apr 30, 2012 3:46:55 PM

Contrary to popular opinion it is not only aging that brings on the wrinkles. There is a whole host of factors—like prolonged exposure to sun, lifestyle habits like smoking and keeping late nights, and a diet that keeps you nutrient deficient, that may cause wrinkles and fine lines in people as young as in their late 20s. Thankfully, dermatologists and research have found out the various ways and means by which you can keep wrinkles and fine lines at bay. Here are some easy-to-follow tips:

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Posted in beauty tips By Jennifer Hughs