One of the biggest downsides of having a fastidious yet fantastic beauty routine is the time it takes to accomplish it. Half the time, the reason is simply to let your date wait for you downstairs with bated breath; the other reason is that women don't entirely understand how to do more in less time. Here are some tips to ensure your beauty enhancement maintains its allure while cutting down its application time. 

1) Start from the toe up - many women think that blow drying hair quickly after a shower is more sensible. However, water absorbs into the skin much quicker than hair absorption so all the moisture and conditioner from the shower is still setting in after you step out of the shower. Take the time to let the conditioner set in before you start drying it and start applying your varicose veins treatments or skin moisturizers from the leg up while that's happening. 

2) Beauty enhancement around your clothes - one of worst first date impressions is a mismatch between the beauty enhancement and the clothes. Generally, that strange impression is due to women applying eyelash growth or dark circle removers without realizing that they're just going for a basic movie date. Wear your clothes and apply your beauty enhancement around the look and date. 

3) Skip the superficial and go for the natural - applying every product you have in an orderly fashion is a guaranteed way to have the guy wondering who's underneath all the makeup. Worse, they'll think you're completely into looks and money. The quick application method is this: lipstick, gloss, mascara or eyelash growth, and blush. That's it. Save the wrinkle creams and skin brighteners for Thanksgiving. You'll reduce your makeup routine by a third.