Miley’s Beauty Secret

Sep 10, 2013 12:24:27 PM

So Miley Cyrus has been receiving a lot of unflattering attention in the media as of late. The young artist has been scrutinized since she barely entered her teen years and has had to live up to the expectations of millions of people around the world. Given this pressure, she’s handled the fame and pressure pretty well. Many people would have been burned out by this stage in their career, but not Miley! Read on for her secret beauty weapon.

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Posted in beauty tips By Cynthia T.

A lot of debate has been raging about the casting choice to cast Charlie Hunnam as Christian Grey in the movie adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey. Many believe him to be too young to convincingly portray the brooding and dominant main title character of the trilogy. But why is everyone hating on the young guy? You can also have a more youthful appearance with an anti-wrinkle cream.

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Posted in beauty tips By Eva L.

Celebrity Makeover Mishaps

Sep 4, 2013 3:52:22 PM

Everyone is familiar with the train wreck celebrity makeovers of Khloe Kardashian and Vanessa Hudgens, to name a few. These celebrities tried to take something that worked and redo it but seemingly failed, and epically at that. There isn’t any need for you to go down the same route – you can rather learn from their mistakes and avoid the pitfalls.

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Posted in beauty tips By Jenna P.

The US recently celebrated National Heroes Day to commemorate people that committed heroic acts during the year. Many would argue that moms are our everyday heroes. They take care of their family, keep the household running and some even generate an income into the mix.

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Posted in beauty tips By Tara G.

Kim Kardashian photos and brow trend

Aug 27, 2013 4:15:56 PM

It would seem as though Kim Kardashian isn’t willing to just plaster the face of her new baby on magazines around the world for any amount of money. Instead, the beauty and her hubby Kanye West decided to debut their baby to the world on Kim’s mother’s show, Kris.


Kim has long been one of the Hollywood celebs to opt for bushy eyebrows instead of going for the razor thin and plucked-to-within-an-inch-of-its-life look. In fact her luscious eyebrows have its own loyal fan following online. Millions of women wish to have the same beautifully thicker brows that Kim seems to sport so effortlessly.


Luckily for the rest of us, it is now possible! This is thanks to new technology becoming widely available on the market. No it’s not any painful or expensive procedure, or adding suspicious substances to your brows. Instead you can now enjoy thick, luscious and healthy looking eyebrows by investing in an effective eyebrow conditioner.


These eyebrow serums enhance the natural appearance of eyebrows and provide it with all the nutrients to encourage strong and luscious looking thicker brows.  It's worth the investment for a good quality brow conditioner, try Brow Relonge.

Posted in beauty tips By Diana L.

Obama has aged

Aug 26, 2013 4:00:13 PM

When you look at photos of President Obama at his first inauguration and of him at his second inauguration you can definitely see the effects the first four years of his presidency has had on his appearance. Not only is his hair a lot more salt and peppery, but his smile lines are etched deeper and his brow lines are far more set. Beauty companies must want to slather his face with anti-wrinkle creams!

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Posted in beauty tips By Beth A.

Make eyes pop with eyelash enhancers

Aug 25, 2013 5:12:45 PM

The years of spending hours of your week applying and removing fake lashes is over. While everyone would like to have naturally beautiful, thick and long lashes, not everyone has been blessed with it. Yet there are things we can do to boost the natural length and thickness of our lashes.

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Posted in beauty tips By Jasmine W.

Effortless and Vibrant Eyebrows

Aug 24, 2013 4:04:48 PM

If you are looking to attain beautifully luscious and vibrant eyebrows effortlessly, then investing in an eyebrow enhancer is the answer. You won’t have to add any oils, mayonnaise or other condiments to your brows and the only thing you’ll have to spend energy on is enjoying the admiring glances from other people.


Eyebrow enhancers have been designed to provide your brows with the nutrients and minerals needed to help boost its appearance. It will help your eyebrows to seem fuller and will make it healthy from within.


Excessive exposure to the elements, cosmetics and lifestyle habits can damage your eyebrow hairs. Wearing heavy eye makeup without taking it off properly can also damage and impede healthy hair growth. These daily routines can wreak havoc on your eyebrows and that’s why it needs a conditioning eyebrow serum and enhancer to restore its beauty.


You can apply the eyebrow conditioner much like you would mascara, only upwards on your brows in the evening before going to bed. In the morning you simply cleanse your face before applying the day’s makeup, and repeat again at night. This few minutes spent on your eyebrows will yield beautiful results and will help you to enjoy the natural beauty of your brows.

Posted in beauty tips By Francine T.


Aug 23, 2013 3:22:07 PM

We’ve all seen the lucky few with naturally luscious and long eyelashes. Thanks to state of the art technology, everyone can now enjoy vibrant eyelashes in no time at all. It won’t require you to add mayonnaise or other sticky substances to bizarre eyelashes. Instead, you will only need to apply eyelash enhancers to your eyelashes and you will soon start to notice a seemingly fuller appearance of your lashes.

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Posted in beauty tips By Caron L.

Women of all ages are sensitive about the forming fine lines and wrinkles on their faces. A lot of time and energy goes into hiding these age indicators through extensive daily makeup rituals and even painful injections and surgical procedures.

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Posted in beauty tips By Hailey R.