In Need of an Eye Cream?

Nov 27, 2013 4:05:13 PM

Everyone’s heard the promises: get rid of dark circles, reduce fine lines, reverse the signs of aging and appearance of wrinkles. But at the end of the day aren’t eye creams just a more expensive moisturizer? This isn’t necessarily the case.

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Posted in beauty tips By Iris M.

Beauty Catching Fire

Nov 25, 2013 3:56:44 PM

With the release of the latest release in the Hunger Games series, Catching Fire is another great example of the lead Jennifer Lawrence’s natural and effortless ability and talent. She may just be in her early twenties, but it’s also clear that she is already looking after herself.

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Posted in beauty tips By Nancy P.

You are never too young to start working towards caring for your skin and protecting it from the elements that cause it to age too early. Doing things like staying out of the sun, using an exfoliator to remove makeup at night and using a moisturizer are all things you can do to slow down the signs of aging.

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Posted in beauty tips By Maryanne F.

Is Orange Really the New Black

Nov 18, 2013 3:27:32 PM

The Safe Haven star had a Halloween faux pas with her Orange is the New Black-inspired costume. The blonde beauty donned a Crazy Eyes outfit, a controversial choice as she wore a blackface while dressing up as the prison character of the hit Netflix show. Many people were offended and called Julianne out on her ignorance, for which she apologized shortly after on Twitter.

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Posted in beauty tips By Paula M.

Jonas Brothers Over for Now

Nov 18, 2013 1:55:05 PM

This week saw the split of Jonas Brothers after a few weeks of very publicized tensions in the group. It would seem as though the PR engine behind the juggernaut band would like fans to believe the split is only temporary, in case they are able to reunite the moneymakers in future.

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Posted in beauty tips By Laura S.

Thicker Eyebrow Boosting Tips

Oct 29, 2013 12:12:38 PM

While not everyone is blessed with natural thick and luscious eyebrows, you can take what you have and enhance it to achieve the brow look that you really want. There are things we can do to encourage the natural health and growth potential of eyebrows and to boost its appearance.

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Posted in beauty tips By Jessica T.

An Answer to Wrinkles

Oct 28, 2013 11:57:08 AM

Millions of women who are hitting middle age suddenly become aware of the sagging skin and wrinkles forming where smooth skin used to reside. This realization sends many women scrambling to try and cover up the damage that years of over exposure to sun and questionable lifestyle choices have wreaked on their skin.

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Posted in beauty tips By Alyson B.

The Fuller Eyebrow Look

Oct 22, 2013 2:43:45 PM

If you are looking to get your eyebrows to look beautifully luscious and bushy, you might be doing things that are sabotaging your efforts. Some of the worst things you can do for your eyebrow hairs could be included in your daily beauty routines. Here are a few of the things that curb your eyebrow hair growth.

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Posted in beauty tips By Emily K.

Beauty Pageant Update

Oct 21, 2013 1:54:20 PM

It was reported in August that the Miss Universe pageant wouldn’t move the 2013 event from Moscow because of the controversy surrounding Russia’s gay propaganda law. The event and its organizers condemned the law but didn’t bow under the growing pressure not to host the event in the Russian capital.


The Miss Universe contest is an annual beauty pageant run by the Miss Universe Organization – one of the three largest pageants in the world. Qualifying countries are able to submit their bids to the Organization to nominate their beauty queen candidates.


Many people in the world look to these beautiful women as role models of beauty and femininity and wonder how they are able to maintain their beautiful appearance. Perhaps they benefit from peptide technology in advanced anti-wrinkle creams.


The reason peptides are thought to work is that they have been shown once delivered to the skin to help boost skin’s natural collagen levels, which are the building blocks for vibrant, youthful skin. Wrinkle Redeaux wrinkle cream is formulated with Tetrapeptide-7 and Palmitoyl Oligopeptide peptides and has been clinically shown to promote the appearance of reduced wrinkles and fine lines. Now you can have the youthful appearance of a world class beauty queen without the hassle.

Posted in beauty tips By Jasmine T.

Demi Lovato Beauty Struggle

Oct 14, 2013 1:24:28 PM

Many people think that celebrities are automatically disqualified by self-image problems, but this is certainly not the case. Demi Lovato recently released her documentary “Stay Strong,” which chronicles her battles with a negative self-image.


She discusses her issues with fitting in and being the cookie cutter perfect that Hollywood requires. However, one thing that you leave with after watching the documentary is that you can’t be everything or have everything, but things that are within your control you can make the most of.


Not everyone has bushy thick eyebrows that can easily be manicured and manipulated to frame the eyes and make eyes pop, but we can always improve on what we got. This can be done by making use of an effective eyebrow enhancer.


These eyebrow conditioners work by providing the eyebrows with all of the nutrients and minerals they need to boost its appearance and even help spur on growth potential. You will soon start to notice a real impact on the appearance of your brows, by applying the brow serum to your eyebrows nightly. Benefit from this great beauty technology and implement this ritual into your beauty regimen to enjoy all the benefits of healthy and fuller looking eyebrows.

Posted in beauty tips By Elizabeth K.