1) Wake up earlier and exercise - exercising not only keeps you healthy and increases blood flow all day long, the sweat helps clear your pores and keeps your skin looking healthy.


2) Take time to eat breakfast - you may not have the time throughout the day, so take the time to sit and eat a breakfast. Your body doesn't process that you're eating until about 20 minutes into the meal. Take your time with the eggs and orange juice, let your body process it, and you'll snack less during the day and feel less rushed as well. Pop in an anti-aging pill with your orange juice in the morning as well for maximum effect.


3) Apply beauty enhancements in the morning - after you've rocked your pores and cleansed the in the shower, now's the time for a great makeup and beauty routine. If you've been taking anti-aging tablets regularly, you shouldn't need to apply any wrinkle creams or age spot treatments, so skip them in favor of eyelash growth, a young person's beauty enhancement!


4) Keep your stress levels down to a minimum - whether you're at the office or managing your home, there will be moments of stress. You can't avoid it but you can manage it so it doesn't stress your looks. Take a 20-minute break every 2 hours to step away for some "you" time. Order lunch in, but take it out to the park to eat. Take your kids to Mommy & Me to get your daily dose of adult conversation.


5) Take up yoga at nights - a great way to end the day is with a second workout routine that relaxes your muscles and mind before sleep. Yoga is great, but for some, Zumba may be a better way to go!