France is the greatest fashion hub of the world. The French are considered to be the most fashionable. They seem to know and have all the secrets about what it takes to make your self truly beautiful from head to toe. Today, I am going to give you the inside scoop on what it takes to make yourself more beautiful from the neck up, specifically the face.  

It's not a coincidence that the words 'beauty' and 'France' have almost become synonymous. When it comes to beauty, the French treat theirs as seriously as their health. While in Paris this past month, I raided the pharmacy shelves in search of the best and highest quality cosmetic and beauty products. My favorite was undoubtedly the line made by BeautedeParis, a company made in the USA but has its roots in Paris, France. 

 This is what I’ll be stocking my cabinet with this for this summer and probably for the rest of my life too. And here's why: 

#1) Brow Relongé – a brow conditioner. Thicker eyebrows make people look more youthful. Brow Relongé is an effective formula that really works to enhance the appearance of thicker, fuller eyebrows. It is an all-natural eyebrow conditioning serum that contains ingredients that revitalize and condition the hair of your eyebrows. The combination of fruit extracts, vitamins, proteins, and amino acids, together work to boost the look of eyebrow density. And it's completely drug-free! 

#2) Lash Relongé  - Next necessity is their lash product, because everyone knows longer, thicker, more dramatic lashes instantly make a girl, hotter, sexier, and more attractive.  Lash Relongé is formulated with essential nutrients designed to promote the appearance of eyelash length. The lash serum improves the look and appearance of longer eyelashes, and fuller eyelashes.  

#2) Evaporté – a Dark Eye Circle Formula. This product is designed to visibly reduce the appearance of under eye bags and dark puffy circles. It gives that firming and lifting effect of the eye contour area. It was designed to promote and help protect the skin against free radical damage and oxidation. As a result, skin is left feeling supple, smooth and relaxed. After using Evaporté, my skin appeared firmer, more radiant and younger looking, thanks to the formation of a continuous, elastic and smooth film on the surface of the skin.

#3) Lébrillénc – is for people who want to wake up that dull skin! Lébrillénc is a brightening cream with a formula designed to promote a more even looking and brighter skin tone. After using the skin brightener formula, skin appears more radiant and brighter. The appearance of skin spots, age spots, blotches and blemishes seem to fade away. It also reduces the appearance of skin irritations and imperfections.

#4) Wrinkle Redeaux - this product is for people who already have wrinkles or for those who want to discourage the formation of new wrinkles. This anti-wrinkle cream diminishes the look of fine lines, reduces wrinkle appearance, and helps prevent formation of new ones. I found it amazing for the way it maintains the feeling of plump, supple and smooth skin, yet also combats the appearance of blemishes and skin blotchiness. It also has been shown to increase hydration around the eyes, and moisturization. 

All these products can be used for all skin types. They’re miracle workers I tell you!