For most people, visible signs of aging appear quite gradually and not in major appearance defining ways. However, for some, such as premature balding in high school or graying hairs in the mid-20’s, aging can sneak up on people. Here’s three ways to battle premature aging so you look and feel your age at all times:


1)    Drink red wine – the skin of red grapes contain resveratrol, a compound that contains anti-aging qualities and antioxidants. Resveratrol can help you look much younger and feel better with its natural extracts. Aside from eating bushels of red grapes, red wine happens to be the best form of obtaining resveratrol on a daily basis.


2)    Stock up on Biotin – biotin is a natural vitamin that determines the richness of your hair, glow of your skin, and look of your eyes. Taking biotin pills will help you keep your hair thick and flowing and ensure your skin looks like it did back in college.


3)    Swear off the products – be it products for your hair, skin, muscle tone, tan, or wrinkles, the more products you apply to your body and hair, the more damaged they can become and look. By reducing the amount of “stuff” you put on and inside your body, you’ll instantly up the anti-aging effect and appear more youthful.