Anti-Aging Supplements Approved by Dr. Oz

After countless appearances on Oprah, Dr. Oz has become America’s doctor. Many people know and love the surgeon because he’s honest about what we need to do to keep our bodies and minds in the best shape. Unlike doctors who constantly push pricey prescription drugs, many of Dr. Oz’s health philosophies revolve around prevention. What can we do now that will prevent harmful diseases in the future? There are several things on Dr. Oz’s list of naturopathic ways to keep skin supple and soft. It isn’t about turning back the clock or trying to look 20 when you’re well into your 50’s. It’s about keeping your body healthy, so you’re able to look as great as you feel.

Dr. Oz’s Naturopathic Anti-Aging List

  • Water. As we all know, water does wonders for the body. Take half of your weight and drink that much water in ounces each day. For example, if you weigh 140 pounds, drink 70 ounces of water per day. This is practiced by many celebrities, including Jennifer Lopez, who looks younger than her actual age.
  • Limit your calories. Any easy way to keep a hold of your health is to maintain a healthy weight. This happens by watching and sometimes limiting your calories. While no one is suggesting eat less than you need to each day, it does help to practice being mindful when you eat. Everything that goes in your mouth adds up. While you cook dinner for the family, you may find yourself munching on an extra 400 calories. Doing this regularly adds up, so watch your calorie intake to keep yourself from packing on pounds which can age your organs and show up in lackluster skin and hair.
  • Anti-aging supplements. There are many that Dr. Oz recommends including, supplements with resveratrol, white bean or krill oil. All of these supplements have ingredients that most of us don’t work into our diets often enough and can significantly help our skin and organs. All contain antioxidants known for improving skin’s collagen production and elasticity. It isn’t about keeping skin 100% free of wrinkles. It’s about ensuring the skin you have is soft and firm, with a luminous look that’s hard to capture as we enter our 40s. Skin loses elasticity in our 30s, which creates sagging areas. It also becomes more difficult to keep hydrated, which allows wrinkles and lines to set in. 
  • Regular exercise. You don’t have to throw down at the gym like a pro athlete. A simple walk around the block or a regular swim is enough to get your organs pumping blood. Exercise is also relaxing and prevents stress from building in your system, which has been linked to increasing belly fat. Regular exercise should be any physical activity that occurs three to four times a week. Ideally, you want to be physical for a total of 45 minutes each time you make an effort to work out.