Men and women of all ages struggle with dark circles. Women pile on the concealer in an attempt to look wide-eyed, but often end up putting on too much concealer in a shade that is too light, creating a reverse raccoon-eye effect. Men struggle with dark eye circles just as much as women, but aren’t always savvy enough to reach for a beauty product to keep dark circles at bay. No matter what your gender or age, there is hope that will allow you to take control of your dark circles.

The first step is to use a dark circle serum regularly. This isn’t a regular eye cream or eye moisturizer, but a beauty product that targets dark pigment under the eye area. This is very important for reducing the look of dark circles. While general eye creams are great and are packed with peptides and antioxidants for reducing signs of aging or discouraging the wrinkle process, they do not always target dark eye circles. A serum aimed at dark eye circles will include the ingredients that fight oxidization and brighten the under eye area. This leads to less drastic looking under eye circles that are easier to cover with makeup even without the help of concealers.