You’re an artist. You look at the canvas before you and see potential. Potential for beauty, for expression, for a masterpiece. You dip your brush into the paint, bring it to the easel, poised and ready to apply to first stroke…when your son barges into the room and sprays the once-ivory canvas with deep brown cake batter. The artist in you thinks for a moment whether there is a way to incorporate this unexpected development into the anticipated work, when the rationalist in you realizes: this canvas is headed for the dump.


Short of comparing cake batter to blotchy, uneven skin tone, would you treat your face any differently? When you’ve finished dusting on some bronzer and the mascara brush is in your hand and you notice that your complexion looks downright discolored, do you continue? Or do you realize that your skin is, so to speak, your canvas – and take steps to improve its smoothness?


You may be interested in improving your complexion, but have no idea how to do so. You may not even be sure there’s much you can do, aside from loading on the foundation. Well, there is. There’s Skin Brightener Formula, and it makes skin look smoother and brighter. It fades the appearance of age spots and restores the look of an even skin tone.


So before you apply paint to your face, make sure the canvas is flawless. Why? You can with Skin Brightener Formula.