Most women can’t get through the day without a handbag to tote around all her essential daily items. From lipstick to tissues, to face cream and a wallet; carrying a handbag is not debatable it is an absolute must. However, handbags come in all styles and price points, so why the need for a “statement” handbag?


A handbag is a fashion icon. While over time styles have changed, carrying a statement handbag defines class and fashion. Handbags come in different shapes, styles and a variety of sizes so you are able to put what you need in your bag for the occasion. Will this bag be durable for everyday usage or ornate for a special night out? A statement bag can be anything from a bold clutch, modern backpack, an embellished tote, to a crossbody, satchel or top handle shopper.


A statement bag transforms an ensemble, taking it from zero to ten. A statement bag shows style and sophistication, helping you to get you through life and making you look good while you are doing it. Think of a statement bag as an investment and also as a goal. A statement bag is like a rite of passage for a woman because it shows that you have not only earned the money to buy it but saved for it as well.


How to choose a statement bag:

  • For the sake of practicality select one on the bigger side
  • Pick a power color like black, grey, cognac or red
  • Your bag should show style, but durability


Fall/ Winter 2014-2015 Handbag Trends


1.      Big Handbags. Naturally your needs should dictate the size of your bag, but if you are looking to be on trend large bags are on point.

2.      Crossbody Bags and Shoulder Bags.  Women today prefer flexibility; so many top handle bags now come with a detachable shoulder strap offering the option to wear the bag as a crossbody or shoulder bag as well.

3.      Satchel Bags. The majority of handbag designers include a double handle satchel as part of their collection. Look for interpretations in reptile skin patterns, bold colors, and textures (matt, shiny, embossed).

4.      Briefcase Forms. Fashion trends in menswear have led to everyday and business looks in handbags in a variety of designs and styles.

5.      Envelope and Folded Bags. This trend again offers women a choice and flexibility to multi-purpose their bag usage.

6.      Retro inspired bags. These bags are structured or framed bags with top handles that evoke a retro feeling for old world glamour.

7.      Box Bags. Like the retro bag, these structured, smaller sized bags remind us of a vintage lunchbox but adorned with lush fabrics, metallic details or decorative embellishments.

8.      Classic Clutch. Best suited for an evening out or special occasion bag, this classic bag form is an essential part of a lady’s look for a theatre or to a restaurant, for parties and so on.

9.      Backpacks or Haversacks. Luxurious transformations and interpretations of this trend have been observed during the fashion shows.

10.  Bucket Bags. One of the hottest trends of the seasons has revitalized this quaint form. Look for a variety of fabrics and textures.

Design Details:

11.  Ridicule Bags. This bag may take many shapes and sizes but one thing is key it mocks – whether through whimsical words or mimicking an icon like a McDonalds take out box, these bags are meant to show your silly side.

12.  Short Belt Handbags and Chains. The top handle has morphed into a short belt. Likewise long leather shoulder straps have transformed into chains.

13.  Fur Bags. Furry handbags are a perfect option for the cold season. Being soft and fluffy they create the feel of comfort and warmth.

14.  Reptile Bags. Reptile skin is indeed a quick way of sporting a luxurious and glam look.

15.  Textile Bags. These bags come in a variety of soft and subtle textile fabrics, suitable for any taste and preference.

16.  Fringed Bags. This element is fun and versatile. At the Fall/Winter collections this detail was encountered among the looks again by numerous designers. Designers truely managed to create some cool looks adorned with this innovative touch.

Colors and Patterns:

17.  Black & White. A timeless classic that works in all seasons.

18.  Neon Bags or Bright and Colorful. When you need a pop of color to transform an ensemble – be careful to match them to the proper garments.

19.  Checked bags. May be a challenge for some women to coordinate with their wardrobe, this is a terrific option for the women who changes bags frequently. Opt for one in a muted pattern.

20.  Color Blocked and Contrast. Creating contrasts between colors and fabrics is an innovative way to inject new life into classic shapes. Many fashion houses used this technique to freshen up some of their tried and true styles.