The best eyelash growth products are the ones able to enhance your current lashes. Like mascara in concept, eyelash growth is meant to lengthen and enhance your lashes, not replace them. Eyelashes by nature are very fragile and fall out frequently if you apply mascara often or use contact lenses.


Eyelashes, with their temporary nature, are only as strong as your current lashes. For individuals who constantly toy with eyelash growth and mascara in an effort to lengthen and enhance them may only see thinner, short lasting results from their eyelash growth efforts. Tampering with your current lashes too often is guaranteed way to damage the follicles and reduce the growth and thickness of new eyelashes.


For those with weak, short, and thin eyelashes, the best approach is to stop handling them too often. Eyelash extensions can enhance your lashes better than mascara, due to the fact that you won't need to apply and remove them as often as mascara. Similar to age spots that result from overexposure to sun, over attention to your thin lashes can result in the opposite of what you were hoping to achieve. Before you use eyelash serum, recognize how important your current lashes already are.