You have varicose veins - what's the first thing that comes to mind? How do you get rid of them or how do you cover them up? Both should be equally important and there are top notch varicose veins treatments out there to combat their ugly appearance but covering, masking, or eliminating your varicose veins shouldn't be your first question - you should ask what caused them to pop up in the first place!


If you don't treat the cause of a varicose vein, you may be in for less aesthetic guests in the near future. Bottom line, in layman's terms, varicose veins spring from blood valves not meeting properly and allowing blood to flow freely throughout the body. They can be caused from a bunch of normal and non-regular activities, ranging from pregnancy to simply standing too long. If you've developed a varicose vein, you should review what in your daily schedule or lifecycle may have caused them to appear. Varicose veins treatments and surgery are great at removing the vein, and some surgical procedures will eliminate the clogging of the valves as well, but beware - a surgical procedure is fraught with all sorts of complications. Making sure your daily routine is not causing these veins to pop up is priority one, just like you stay out of the sun in order to reduce wrinkles and make sure no new ones pop up. Decreased blood flow also is not a great thing for your doctor to tell you on your next visit and varicose veins are an indication of a blood flow issue.


As you get older, varicose veins have the potential to pop up more often and appear even worse, and you may not have the energy to combat them naturally. That's why surgical procedures seem to be the easy way out. Don't discount the causes of veins in favor of getting rid of their ugly appearance. Take care of varicose veins now before you get any further complications from decreased blood flow.