At face value, literally, wrinkles can tell a story about you in a flattering or non-flattering way. Usually a sign of aging for most people, wrinkles can also appear as a result of numerous lifestyle habits and wrinkle creams don't heal lifestyles.


Wrinkles can be the result of excessive smoking and the nicotine can increase the appearance of wrinkles. Stress is usually a main cause of smoking, so the combination of nicotine use and stress can become a vivid sign to people about your smoking habits, which is becoming increasingly unattractive to healthy men.


Some women factor beach and vacation time heavily into their schedules and it may show quite visibly on the skin. Sun damage is a major cause of wrinkles, as well as age spots. Overexposure to sun and ultraviolet rays can lead to reduced moisture, dehydration, and heat stroke, all of which can lead to increased wrinkles and skin blemishes.


Similar to tattoos, hairstyles, and beauty enhancement products, wrinkles are becoming synonymous with unhealthy habits. Wrinkles are the main indicator of aging, though excessive or detrimental lifestyle habits can speed up the process and enhance their appearance.