Varicose veins are usually the result and/or predecessor of something bigger and you may tend to do what most people do - worry. Varicose veins are generally associated with ulcers, restless legs syndrome, and blood circulation issues, which are health issues that go beyond skin deep.


Varicose veins, as a cosmetic issue, are something not to worry about. With surgical procedures and varicose veins treatments able to reduce the discoloration and eliminate them altogether, an actual vein is less worrisome than a pure medical issue. In fact, varicose veins can technically be consider the "wrinkles of the legs"; just like you use wrinkle creams to reduce wrinkles for cosmetic purposes, treatments for veins are purely cosmetic and nothing to worry about.


You do have to worry about what caused varicose veins and spider veins. A Marketwatch article in 2008 cited the idea that many people look at varicose veins superficially, not bothering to find out why it occurred. Although tied in with aging and menopause for the most part, varicose veins can also be associated with blood circulation obstructions. Although these may not be serious from the start, you need to ensure these conditions are not a pre-requisite to something else.  


Of course, worrying can also be a cause of numerous health problems. The key to understanding your varicose veins is what to worry about and what not to worry about.