Should you use a wrinkle cream even before you see your first wrinkle? Yes!  There is no need to wait until wrinkles are present before you incorporate a wrinkle cream into your daily routine.  Think of your wrinkle cream as a proactive and preventative measure just like so many other habits in our daily lives.  For example, we eat before we are ravenous, we drink water before we are dehydrated, and most of us take daily supplements to support our long-term health goals.  So why would we wait until we have wrinkles to use a wrinkle cream?

How Do Wrinkle Creams Work?

Wrinkle creams are formulated to improve and maintain the appearance of firmness, tightness, and elasticity of the skin, which will discourage and decrease the look of wrinkles.  They are also designed to hydrate your skin which is an often forgotten cause of wrinkles.  Think about what happens to a grape if it dries out—it gets all wrinkly and shrivels up, not exactly what you want your skin to do right?  Wrinkle creams will also reduce the appearance of skin discoloration such as sun spots and age spots. 

Sometimes our wrinkles are not a sign of aging, but a sign of repetitive face movement like smile lines that form around our mouths and eyes.  This is why wrinkle creams are ideal for any woman who is looking to reduce the appearance of current wrinkles, looking to prevent future wrinkles, and looking to maintain healthy and youthful skin.