You know you're attractive and you can still land some of the best men out there. But there is always these women who date more guys and attract better specimens than you are. And you're wondering why - what do they have that you don't? Chances are, all things remaining constant, you have everything that these other women have. But you could still use a little more. And we're not talking about dressing sexier or more expensive because this article was written for every type of woman out there, not just the super wealthy 1%!


So our tips will help you land triple the amount of qualified men and beat out those other female competitors. First, start with a killer eyelash routine - eyelash growth has been shown to be a major flirt factor when it comes to eye contact with men. Most men never dated a woman with super long eyelashes so your unique feisty look is a major allure. Second, work those legs! Varicose veins treatment creams do wonders with subpar legs its the great legs, without varicose veins, that get all the attention. Men just want to dance with smooth legged women who resemble interns or bosses in their workplace. And who doesn't want to date an intern? Also, skin brighteners and dark circle removers remove the "workday" from the haggard looking female executive - some men don't want to date a woman in a higher tax bracket, so fool them by looking like a bright eyed, bushy tailed junior associate.


And the best tip for tripling your date book is to maintain consistency in your beauty enhancement. The eyelash serum products, thicker eyebrows look, and skin brighteners need to be consistent in every facet of your day. The best looking women keep themselves looking fresh and beautiful even on their trips to the grocery. All these tips should help you land triple the amount of dateable men than you've had before. I think it's time for a "big black book" instead of a little one!