We’ve all got our “beauty essentials” that we believe in. Maybe you’ve been using a specific moisturizer for years, or you started using an anti-aging eye cream when you hit 30 and are convinced that it’s doing its job to protect you from crow’s feet and wrinkles around you mouth.


Whether you have been sticking to the same beauty routine for years or you regularly read up on beauty trends, you will know it’s impossible to try out every new product that hits the market. While some look convincing in advertisements, others may sound just a bit too far-fetched.


Some of the latest trends in the world of beauty include bronzers instead of blush, organic eye make-up and lipstick that really will last the whole day. While a few of the new make-up products are great enhancers, it’s always best to invest in products that treat the root of the problem, enhance your natural features and minimize any flaws. We’ve rounded up some of the top beauty essentials that every woman over 30 years of age should invest in:


  • Wrinkle Cream: Wrinkles are a natural part of aging and while some wrinkles could have been prevented (through less sun bathing and a healthy lifestyle), is there anything you can do about the natural wrinkles that any women will start to notice after a certain age? Investing in a quality wrinkle cream is essential. Beauty products that claim to “fill” and “plump” wrinkles might be able to show results, but a laboratory tested wrinkle cream (filled with natural ingredients that have been shown to minimize the appearance of wrinkles) is a more worthwhile product to invest in.
  • Age Spot Reducer: Once you’ve celebrated your 30th birthday, you might start to notice an increasing number of “age spots” on your arms, hands, neck and face. Nobody is too bothered by a few freckles, but age spots can become unsightly. An age spot reducer can help give you a youthful appearance by brightening your skin.
  • Varicose Vein treatment: Just because you’re over the age of 25, doesn’t mean you `shouldn’t be able to wear a swimsuit, shorts or a skirt without feeling self-conscious about your legs. Varicose veins have led many women to sit and read under an umbrella on the beach instead of taking a dip in the ocean or playing with their kids in the sand. Luckily there are a few reliable varicose vein treatment creams that can minimize the appearance these veins.


Invest in yourself by purchasing the correct beauty products today!