You have the personal trainer. You're eating all the right foods (ok, occasionally a wrong food or two). And you've been doing all the latest diets that you read in Women's Health. So why are you still not getting noticed on the streets of Manhattan? Most likely, the reason is that there is a mismatch between your in-shape body and having an in-shape look.


What we mean by in-shape look is really three things: clothes, personality, and beauty enhancement, such as eyelash growth products. Many women think that men will notice them more when they're fit and healthy looking. Although that's true at first glance, there are other factors behind the lack of attention. First, women need to ditch their old nostalgic clothes in favor of a more sleek look - you'd be surprised how many women tend to cling to old loose apparel even while having a fit and trim body. Second, it's important to make sure you don't maintain the same reticent and shy personality that you used to have when you weren't as fit; men are attracted to confident women who work a personality as well as they work their abdominals.


Finally, many formerly overweight women never bothered to work on their beauty enhancement, such as thicker eyebrows or varicose veins treatments, because they felt too self-conscious about their looks, The result - many newly fit women don't apply makeup as well as they should. Dark circle removers, wrinkle creams, eyelash growth, and skin brighteners should be a major part of a fit woman's beauty routine. You have the body now, you have the looks - now's the time to highlight your best features through beauty enhancement! An enhanced body requires an enhanced makeup procedure, especially since your looks and body will be the first impression you give to men.


Fitness doesn't end with a body. Sharpening your personality, beauty enhancement, and attire will complete the entire fitness persona you're trying to give over.