Covering up your age goes way beyond just beauty products. Here's how to look, feel, and act young in one simple routine:


1) Embrace Eyelash Growth - eyelash enhancement products are becoming the standard by which youthfulness is measured. Steer away from clumpy mascara in exchange for natural looking eyelash growth. Studies have shown that men prefer women who have fuller, longer eyelashes.


2) Ditch the Jennifer Aniston - A recent poll of single men found that men were mostly attracted to women with great hairstyles. According to SiFy, hair has a way of triggering images in men's eyes of a woman jet by how it's shaped and cut - the shorter the hair, the more masculine/sporty a woman is; the curlier, the more "girl next door" she is. Reassess the look you're putting out to men - if you haven't updated your hairstyle since the first season of Friends, you're missing out on the best men statistically.


3) Start clearing up the age spots - you don't want to be like Patricia Krentcil, the tanning mom recently banned from tanning salons. Age spots are a direct result of overexposure to sun and tanning beds, as well as the lack of sunscreen throughout your normal day. Start covering up now - umbrella, tinted car windows, or simply sun block - to reduce the most apparent signs of aging. Try using a skin brightener formula to reduce the appearance of age spots and sun spots.