Looking to hit the beach this summer or planning a group barbecue? Then prepare to be on camera and posted on social media! Unfortunately, photo's and video's don't always flatter every person - we all know the saying that you gain ten extra pounds on video camera - so knowing how to look your best for all those family video's will decide what future in-laws and children see!


A great beauty products routine, especially skin brighteners, will be the key to looking good on camera. Capture the cameraman's attention and draw it to your face instead of the body (if you're the self conscious type). Skin brighteners help your skin appear brighter, natural and glowing so you don't need the camera's flash each time.


If you're going swimming or sweating at a sport, you may not want to showcase your facial beauty; instead, highlight your best feature. If you have great legs, use varicose veins treatments to make them look even sexier in Bermuda shorts! If you have a great hourglass figure, wear slim and fitted summer clothes.


Just plain shy and hesitant to be filmed? Then showcase your talents behind the camera. Offer to take pictures of the activities or handle the filming. The camera can't showcase any negatives on a person it can't see. We say, though, don't be shy - get out there and show the world what you got!