According to many celebrities, the secret to success is to portray an image of success at all times. Full makeup, designer clothing, and the best accessories can really give a woman an edge of others in terms of success, marketability and dating. These days every woman, however, knows that men and employers want women who appear young, youthful, energetic, and elegant and, for an older woman, that type of mentality can be quite intimidating. Trying to compete with younger women who come complete with longer eyelashes, fuller eyebrows, zero age spots, high incomes, and fit bodies is a tough challenge for the older woman.


So we're telling you how to stand out and stay competitive with the younger women in your community. Start with the clothes – designer, well tailored clothes makes even the oldest woman appear regal and elegant. Brooks Brothers' line of clothes rivals any H&M or Zara line any day!  Next, ditch any embarrassment or hesitance and use the finest beauty products and wrinkle creams to reduce wrinkles. Some of the best wrinkle creams do wonders on your skin, as well as age spots, and aren't too obvious, so any shyness is mollified by the opportunity to look 25 when you're 45. Also, make sure your hair stylist is up to date on the latest hairstyles that the older celebrities and actors are wearing. Going into a business meeting or date with Meryl Streep's hairstyle from Doubt will not get you a second date; her hairstyle from Mamma Mia may though!


Finally, make sure you are taking care of your top AND bottom halves. Many women put so much emphasis on the face and hair, they neglect their legs! Especially prudent for older women, varicose veins treatments can work magic on varicose veins that can sneak up the unsuspecting middle-aged woman. Since treatments are a very taboo subject for women, and men won't mention it to your face (which man will admit to staring at your legs for a negative reason?). Take care of those gams - men love an mature woman with great legs! Using all these tips, you'll be able to exude success in every setting possible!