Getting a man to propose when you want him to is one of toughest tricks in the book. Misreading a proposal is even worse. Let's face it - he's seen every side of you, he's seen you with and without beauty enhancement, your sexual chemistry is excellent and you're ready for the family life. Here are some tips for getting him to speed up his proposal without any misinterpretations.


1) Remember the first look - whatever attracted him to you in the first place is the look you should be wearing for your engagement. If you wore eyelash growth products during that first encounter, start re-applying them now. Just because you're boyfriend-girlfriend doesn't mean you should start slacking on your beauty enhancement.


2) Spice up your looks - men tend to think that women will never change or be open to change once they get hitched. Show him that he has nothing to worry about - whip out the skin brighteners or create thicker eyebrows to show that you are constantly open to new looks and have that youthful energy that guys love in newlyweds.


3) Ditch the old-woman products - you may be an older woman, but he doesn't need to be reminded of it every time he looks in the medicine cabinet. Hide your wrinkle creams and age spot treatments so he only see's your lipsticks and mascara's around. He shouldn't think that he's marrying someone old and stuck with her - he should think that you are young, full of life, and able to chase after kids all day long!