Everyone would like to have longer eyelashes – some even go to extremes to make it seem like they have longer lashes than they actually do. While many of our beauty habits help create the appearance of longer and lusher lashes, some of these activities might actually stunt the growth of our natural lashes.


These activities may not seem harmful to your lashes as it actually helps improve the look of the lashes and create an impression that it is longer than it really is. Yet you shouldn’t be fooled, as there are untold and under reported damage that activities like curling and heavy mascara can cause.


It is difficult to judge the overall eyelash growth rate of every person, as each person’s body is unique and responds differently. However, a few common causes for stunted eyelash growth can be singled out. Learn about the dangers that these common practices can hold for your eyelashes’ growth and decide for yourself if it is worth the immediate and temporary gain to possibly damage your lashes and stunt its growth:


  • Heavy mascara use: The excessive use of mascara will be problematic in the long run for your lash’s growth. While there is some anecdotal evidence that excessive mascara use may stunt eyelash growth, there is medical data to back it up scientifically. Use your discretion here – obviously drowning your lashes in mascara day in and day out will have a negative impact on its growth and wellbeing
  • Applying fake eyelashes: This popular ritual could have severe consequences for your lashes if you are not careful. The constant and daily use of fake eyelashes, along with the adhesive used to keep them secure adds a significant amount of stress to the tiny and delicate eyelash hairs and follicles
  • Curling the eyelashes: Another very popular activity, the damage that curling your eyelashes can cause is rather self-explanatory. As with your normal hair, the repeated misuse of curlers can leave it potentially broken. The repeated breakage which is caused by mechanical eyelash curlers can even permanently stunt the growth of your natural eyelashes


While there is no scientific data to document the damage these popular eyelash activities can cause, you will do well to consider the potential damage these activities can cause your eyelashes. Consider the pain and damage you are willing to cause your eyelashes for temporary gain rather than waiting it out and letting them grow naturally. An eyelash conditioning serum’s will help enhance your natural eyelashes to their full beauty potential.