We tend to think of our lashes as a beauty feature on our face and we spend a lot of time trying to find ways to enhance their appearance, so it is easy to forget they are there to serve a function.  Our eyelashes and our eyebrows are both designed to offer protection and to block debris that can fall into our eyes as we are go about our day.  While dirt, dust, and debris can still make their way into our eyes blinking away irritants is an effective way to keep them out.

If your desire for long, full, and lengthy lashes is to attract more attention to your eyes, don’t forget that these features also allow your lashes to do a better job of their intended purpose—protecting your eyes.  If you are looking for a way to enhance the appearance of your lashes beauty or function consider using a lash conditioner.

Lash conditioners are designed to promote the appearance of longer fuller lashes and have been found to increase the appearance of lashes by up to 82% within only 4-6 weeks of use.  Lash conditioners are easy to use and are applied to your clean dry face in the evening after you have applied your eye cream and wrinkle cream.  It is easily applied to your upper lid with a small wand and hydrates your lashes to encourage length and fullness.