The naked face crept up on the European runway shows. While everyone at the New York shows showed thick liner and major lashes. In Paris and Milan, it was all about the naked face, which is now becoming a hit on the red carpet and stars like Beyonce. It’s a simple look for the summer and great for fighting makeup meltdown. The heat can cause makeup to melt right off the face, so keeping things at a minimum is a smart move when it comes to a summer beauty routine.

  • Keep skin clean and clear. This is a toughie depending on your skin type and what the climate is like in the summer. If you’re in humidity, it’s important to keep skin shine-free. You don’t have to go the extremes and make skin completely matte. Instead, opt for a soft finish foundation or tinted moisturizer that leaves skin slightly dewy. There’s no way to guarantee keeping oil and shine at bay all day, so just go with the season. A sponge applicator also leaves skin with a lightweight finish that looks great during warm weather.
  • Keep brows groomed. A naked face needs strong brows. Thick brows are shown with the naked face in various runway shows because they frame the face and create a clean look, even if you’re wearing little makeup. Keep brows plucked, but full. You want to follow the natural arch of the brows and be sure not to overpluck the ends of the brows. While you can fill in brows, this can look unnatural and sometimes look too harsh if you go overboard. The brows should be thicker through the first 1/3 then gently taper off through the outer edges.
  • Cover under eye circles. A clean face and strong brows means the focal point is on the eyes. Cover dark circles with concealer in a shade or two lighter than your current skin tone. This creates a brightening effect under and around the eyes. Dot the concealer under the eyes and gently pat it into the skin for the most natural finish. Avoid rubbing it, which can cause it to disappear. Patting it in allows it to set with the skin due to the heat from your fingers. Use the ring finger for the best finish. You can also add concealer to the lids to cover up any veins or discoloration.  Using a skin brightening eye cream to help reduce the appearance of dark under eye circles both morning and night is an absolute must!
  • Go for eye opening lashes. We aren’t talking about thick lashes, but rather stand out lashes that frame the eyes. A wispy effect can be achieved by adding individual lashes to the outer edges of lashes. You can also add more mascara to this outer 1/3 of the lashes to sweep lashes up and create a doll-like look. You want to choose mascara that aims to curl and lengthen lashes. The goal is lightweight, elongated lashes that set off the naked face.  Helping your natural eyelashes to appear thicker, and longer with a nightly conditioning serum will enhance your natural beauty.