Brows are in for 2012 and this means keeping them groomed and shaped throughout each season. It can be difficult to follow the various brow trends as seen in beauty magazines. You want to look in style, but you also want to look like yourself. For most, there are a few hard and fast rules for keeping brows polished and effortless (at least in terms of looks).

  • Let brows grow. There’s nothing worse than overplucking your eyebrows. It can be tempting to pick and prod at brows for hours on in, but it isn’t useful for getting that groomed look. You want to have enough brows to work with to create the shape that is most flattering for you. In most cases, the natural shape and curve of the brows is what looks best with your eyes. If you’re low maintenance avoid going crazy with the tweezers. Thin brows can look good, but they require far more work than thick brows. Let your brows grow and then pluck.
  • Pluck a few times a week. Many women pluck their brows every day. This is a no-no. You want to keep brows thick enough that you can pick out the stray hairs. Any hair that looks out of place once you’ve combed through them – those hairs need to go. Outside of this, leave the hair alone. If you feel the brows are too bushy or out of sorts, look into brow gels. These are thin gel products that are swiped on like mascara, only on the eyebrows. Some are colored and some are clear, but they essential smooth hair into place so it isn’t a wild mess. After you have smoothed down hairs, pluck the excess. This means hair above or below the brows. As you reach the outer ends of the brows you will notice the stray hairs are usually more significant. Starting at the outside and moving inward is a good way to gauge how much hair you actually need to remove at the inner portion of the brows.
  • Try different things out. If you aren’t one to do your own brows, look into waxing or threading. While both may seem threatening, they are a great way to put your brows into the hands of a professional. Ask the person to keep the natural shape of your brows and that you’re only looking to “clean-up” the brows. These are professionals and the vast majority are not going to send you out of the salon with pencil thin brows. If you’re weary, go to an esthetician who has thick or full brows. Usually he or she prefers this look and knows full brows are best because they are easy for a client to maintain on their own.
  • Use short strokes when applying brow color. If you’re filling in brows with pencil or powder, use short, choppy strokes to mimic the look of real hair. A spool brush is also needed to brush through brows after applying any color product. This blend the real hair with the makeup to create a more natural look.
  • Use an eyebrow serum to help encourage the look of fuller, thicker eyebrows. While there are currently many eyebrow serums on the market, look for one with ingredients researched and known to promote the appearance of thicker eyebrows.