First impressions are important. No one will tell you otherwise. And one of the most notable instances of “first impressions” is when you’re going on a job interview. So you wear your crispest, sharpest outfit, tame your hair with an iron and bobby pins, apply make up and slip on power heels. You look in the mirror. Your anticipated pleasure melts into horror as you whisper, “My skin is so wrinkled.”


You wish you had thought of this months ago. You want your prospective employer to think you’re young, able and full of energy – not ready to kick the bucket. What can help you now?


Enough people will respond, “Nothing. You’re 45 with an interview in an hour. Deal with it.” A lone voice among the crowd though will tell you otherwise. It’s, reassuring you, letting you know that, in fact, they’ve developed a product for individuals just like you, (the last-minute kind).


“It’s called Instant Wrinkle Repair,” you’re informed, “and it seems to erase the look of wrinkles rapidly.” Don’t bug out about the interview. Just gently tap on some Instant Wrinkle Repair. It will reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles – and your fears.