If you are looking to get your eyebrows to look beautifully luscious and bushy, you might be doing things that are sabotaging your efforts. Some of the worst things you can do for your eyebrow hairs could be included in your daily beauty routines. Here are a few of the things that curb your eyebrow hair growth.


  • Over styling: Put down that tweezer! If you want your eyebrows to look fuller and thicker then stop with the tweezing and give your brows time to grow naturally.
  • Never sleep with makeup on: This is the golden rule of makeup – never go to bed with your makeup still on. Remove your eye makeup before going to sleep otherwise it will restrict oxygen flow, block pores and also mess up your pillow!


Eyebrow enhancers have been shown to boost the appearance of eyebrows. Not only does it make the eyebrows seem fuller, but it also makes them appear longer. An eyebrow conditioner should contain biotin which has been called the "hair growth vitamin" and also thought to aid in reducing hair loss.


An eyebrow enhancer is easily applied at night after removing the day’s makeup before bed, so it won’t take time form your social life or require a lot of maintenance – just sit back and enjoy the effortless results. Beautiful and luscious eyebrows can eaily be yours with Brow Relonge brow conditioner formula.