A white wedding, with a white gown, white orchids, and white tableware, is a beautiful sight to behold. A spilled cup of red wine on a white dress, however, is a disaster. But the major culprit of ruined white bliss isn't wine- it's actually makeup! Smeared makeup on hands and mouths, as well as undried spray tans, can quickly lead to a mess!


Don't use mascara for your wedding. Go for eyelash growth for your big day since it won't smear or smudge from the stress or the tears of happiness right before you take an important timeless picture!


Do use skin brighteners. The lack of sleep you'll get in the days before your big day will drain the color of your skin, leaving you look pale and bedraggled after your foundation wears off from all the dancing. Brighten that skin!


Don't get a spray tan with your maids of honor two days before your wedding day. Get it at least four days before. Spray tans need some time to set in and you don't want a big orange smear on your dress!


Do use varicose veins treatments for at least a month. It's rare, but varicose veins can pop up when stress occurs; and a wedding is a very stressful time. Pre-empt the varicose veins by treating your legs beforehand.