We all love the idea of traveling, seeing the world, and experiencing new and exciting things.  All too often our skin takes the toll of travel.  It really isn’t all that hard to have healthy looking skin while traveling so here are some tips to address Best Travel Skin Care Tips

  • Packing
  • On Flight
  • Destination



I like to travel with the products I use every day at home, this way I stick to my “normal” routine as much as possible.  Sometimes a product or two can do double-duty. I use a large 2-sided cosmetic case that zippers closed on each side.  On one side I put all my “dry” products and the “wet” on the other.  In addition, I seal all the wet items in Ziploc baggies.  This way incase anything explodes it has a double barrier and will not affect my shoes, clothes or other delicate items. You can seal each item in its own small Ziploc for even more insurance.  What do I include?  Here are my favorites:

Skin Care:

  • Facial wet wipes – no water needed.  Can be used to remove eye makeup as well.
  • Cetaphil cleanser in a travel size container – this doubles as face wash and body wash
  • Evaporté eye cream and Wrinkle Redeaux face cream
  • Lash Relongé to condition lashes (can be used on brows as well)
  • Body lotion
  • Solid deodorant
  • Lip balm or Aquaphor Healing Ointment in a tube.  Or take a sunblock stick that can be used on face and lips if you are going to a sunny climate.
  • Sunscreen SPF 15 or higher
  • Clearasil. The treatment cream should only be used at night and just on blemishes. (Airplane grime, stress of travel and seat may make you more prone to breakouts while traveling – even if you normally don’t breakout at home).


With the above all my bases are covered.  I can cleanse and moisturize my face and body.  You can find many of these items in convenient travel sizes or pour them into smaller travel containers.



  • Concelear and or tinted moisturizer
  • Black eye liner
  • Black mascara
  • Bronzer and or blush
  • Eye shadow kit – this way all the colors go together and it’s all in one small compact
  • One nude lip pencil
  • 2 lipsticks (one light one dark)
  • One Parfum Roll-On or solid

It’s easy to be tempted to pack all your makeup but so unnecessary plus it will take up limited space and room in your luggage.  I find that when I am relaxed and traveling I wear less and less makeup each day of the trip.  If you are a glam girl and need your makeup just take the basics. It will simplify your beauty routine allowing you to have more fun at your destination.



Personally on vacation I like to skip the blow-dryer and let my hair dry naturally.  I either slick it into a ponytail or wear a pretty headband.  If you are obsessive about straight hair be sure to pack a dual-voltage compact portable dryer.  Many destinations use a different voltage than the US.  You can not use an adapter on your hairdryer so a dual voltage dryer is a must.  Same with your flat iron (if you must). Pack mini’s of any essential hair products like a mini hairspray or gel. Keep a spare ponytail holder or two in your handbag or carryon daily.



Carry-on bag:

Try to take mini samples from the dermatologist office or even the drug store.  Keep it simple. I try to travel with a clean face sans makeup when possible, especially on an evening flight. If you are wearing makeup keep it light because you will want to hydrate your skin in flight and your makeup will probably melt off anyway.  You can apply a quickie makeup at your destination.

  • Face wipes.  Get a travel pack or just pack a few into a sandwich size Ziploc baggie
  • Mini facial moisturizer
  • Lip Balm
  • Tooth brush and mini tube of paste (for airport use only)
  • Mini mouthwash
  • Note: do not use airplane sink water to brush your teeth it just isn’t very sanitary.  I brush with mouthwash on the plane and reserve the paste for the airport.
  • Purell travel size mini
  • Anti bacterial hand wipes – wipe down the airplane seat arms and tray immediately
  • BuzzBarrier™ bedbug spray – spray on airplane seat and hotel bed.
  • Ponytail holder
  • (Sunscreen if you sit by a window seat)
  • If you have room in your bag - a change of underwear, spare outfit just in case of spills, lost luggage, etc. your bases are covered!


That is all you need.  Depending on the length of your flight you will want to apply facial moisturizer every 2-4 hours to keep your skin hydrated. The airplane cabins have low humidity which is very drying to the skin.  When skin is dry it compensates for the dehydration by producing more oil. Dry skin becomes flakey and accentuates fine lines and wrinkles.  Additionally apply a bit of moisturizer on hands, arms and legs too if you are feeling dry. Same with lip balm.



On flight Do’s and Don’t’s:

  • DO NOT mist your skin with a hydrating spray.
    For years skin care experts advised travelers to mist their skin with a hydrating spray to keep the skin moist. So why is this a big NO-NO afterall?  The airplane cabin air is very dry, so when you spray the skin with water - it sucks the water from within the deep layers of the skin and promptly evaporates it into the dry air! You are then left with even drier skin. What to do? Use a super hydrating facial moisturizer like Beauté de Paris Wrinkle Redeaux.
  • DO Drink plenty of water.
    Keeping your body hydrated while flying is always beneficial, so drinking plenty of water is important.
  • DO NOT sit near the window because the UV rays are stronger at high altitudes and pass through airplane windows. If you end up at a window seat, apply a generous dose of sunscreen.
  • DO wash hand frequently. It is a general good skincare rule - "don't touch your face" – this becomes particularly important in dirty waiting areas and airplane seats, trays and toilets that are only thoroughly cleaned every 30 days..



  • Try to stick to a “normal” skin care routine no matter how early or late you are waking up or first getting to sleep.  Always start and end your day with a clean, hydrated face.  Never sleep with makeup and grime from your day on your face – it is a sure way to cause breakouts and mess up your skin.
    • Wash your face thoroughly
    • Use a wash cloth for a mild exfoliant (no need to pack an extra product)
  • Hydrate eyes and face with Evaporté eye cream and Wrinkle Redeaux face cream.
    • Don’t forget hands and body too!
    • Lashes also get dried out from climate changes, dry air, makeup and more.  Condition lashes with Lash Relongé. Lash Relongé is formulated with ingredients known to be highly effective at stimulating lash growth. These ingredients work synergistically to nourish and provide moisture to the lashes, maximizing their growth potential.
    • Apply sunscreen daily – chances are you are spending more time outdoors than you normally do sightseeing and doing activities. Don’t forget to reaaply often if you are outdoors.
    • Avoid jet lag by taking Ambiatol all natural sleep pills. Contains Valerian, Melatonin, Passion Flower, and a proprietary blend Ambiatol helps promote sleep, ease jet lag, and provide temporary relief for people dealing with insomnia.
  • Spray hotel pillows and mattresses with BuzzBarrier™ bedbug spray - a safe way to protect yourself. Natural, safe, pesticide free, and Non-Toxic you will kill the bugs without harming yourself. We have a Travel size to conveniently take with you on any flight or trip, so that you can be safe on any bed. Alcohol Free: Does not dry skin.


Enjoy your trip and safe travels!