There are so many anti-wrinkle skin products for your face that it gets confusing.  What is the difference between a face cream and a face serum?  Do you really need an eye cream and a face cream?  What should you be washing your face with?  Below are some of the most common questions about your anti-wrinkle skin care routine:

What Should You Wash You Face With?  The most important thing here is to wash with a cleanser designed for your face and not your body.  The skin on our face is more delicate than the rest of our body and reacts to the harsher products and perfumes found in body cleansers.  Opt for gentle face cleansers that are designed for any skin issues you are struggling with such as acne and oily prone skin or dry skin.

What is the Difference Between an Anti-Wrinkle Cream and a Serum?  Anti-wrinkle creams and serums are designed to produce similar results.  The difference is that creams are thicker in consistency which is ideal for cold, dry, and harsh weather.  Serums are lighter and are more ideal for hot and humid weather.  The happy medium is finding a light-weight wrinkle cream that is not too thick and not too light so that it can be applied in hot, cold, dry, or humid weather conditions.

Do You Really Need an Eye Cream?  Yes, the skin around your eyes is much more delicate than the rest of your face.  If you apply a skin cream designed for your face it may irritate your eyes, or may be too thick to be properly absorbed.  Your eyes are also an area that is more prone to wrinkles and the signs of aging than the rest of your face.  Wrinkles and aging can present as crow’s feet, dark circles, and puffiness.  A desirable eye cream is one that addresses elasticity, wrinkles, and helps to reduce discoloration from dark circles and puffiness.