Getting up close and personal with a celebrity beauty artist is a great way to kickstart the same old dull makeup routine you've been doing since high school. Caking on layer after layer of makeup along with eyelash growth may have worked at prom, but probably isn't as appealing at your ten-year reunion!


The top beauty artists who have grown with their celebrity clients have given us the best secrets for managing their clients ever changing and demanding needs. Here are some of their "off-the-record" tips!


Never combine eyelash enhancement products and loud eye shadow. Unless you want to look like a Jersey Shore wannabe, the overwhelming combination of eye products draws too much negative attention to your eyes.


Less makeup means more freshness. Nothing looks worse than visibly seeing a woman on camera wearing loads of skin brighteners, dark circle removers, and foundation. Make sure to let something natural about yourself - be it your skin tone, eyes, or lips - come forward as well.


Keep "over the top" in private to start. Don't come out of your house with products that you've never used before unless you've run it by your friends and beauticians. Don't come out with eyelash extensions, varicose vein cover-up, and age spot treatments without seeing how they look with your unique style. Paging Courtney Love!


Always use wrinkle creams as soon as you feel you need to. Aside from their ability to reduce wrinkles appearance, wrinkle creams have special moisturizers and sunscreen components that will ensure your skin stays as fresh, non-sun damaged and as wrinkle-free as possible.