Sometimes you get a second chance. And sometimes, you don’t.


Like the time your phone’s autocorrect changed, “I’ll be at Kohl’s” to, “I’ll be at John’s,” your ex? Mind you, you sent that text to your current flame. Or the time the soup bowl tipped off its stand – right onto your esteemed guest? Or maybe the time you tried to do a little jig onstage at graduation…and fell flat onto your face.


Of course, you can always try and cover up. You can blame it on autocorrect, buy your guest a gift card to Brook’s Brothers, and get right back on your feet. But those fixes don’t erase what has already occurred; they just (hopefully) put them on the backburner.


True second chances are difficult to come by. Recreating the past is usually a feature of movies set in the year 3000. There’s one product, however, that actually does recreate the past. Its Wrinkle Cream formula designed to promote the appearance of reduced wrinkles and fine lines.


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