Men and women suffer from dark circles. For many of us it is due to the lack of sleep we get each night, but for many it has to do with genetics. Women may cover dark eye circles with makeup, but men may be less than enthused about piling on concealer in order to get that well-rested effect. Enter eye cream that targets dark circles and eye bags.

Those who suffer from dark circles should find an eye cream that specifically goes after fading the appearance of darkness and hyper pigmentation under the eyes.

Common Reasons for Dark Circles

  • Congestion. Many of us spend the majority of the cold weather months congested. Did you know this can contribute to darkness under the eyes? Nasal congestion darkens the veins under the eyes.
  • Scratching and rubbing the eyes. Are you someone who constantly rubs their eyes? This can contribute to broken capillaries under the eyes, which make the area appear dark.
  • Thinning due to aging. Many of us lose weight in our faces as we age, resulting in a gaunt look. There’s not much you can do for a loss in collagen production, but you can apply dark circle cream regularly to reduce the look of dark eye circles.