Botox is the household name for wrinkle elimination. One shot, and you’re you, à la you in the year 1990. It would be easy to ignore the potential side-effects that can accompany Botox shots, but an educated consumer is a wise consumer. So before stepping up to the injection plate, it’s prudent to take a look at common problems associated with Botox usage.


Not too infrequently, the area around which the Botox is injected can become swollen and bruised looking. While hardly life-threatening, it’s somewhat inconvenient to stay holed up for a couple of days to hide your bruised appearance, not to mention the irony of the situation. Less common is experiencing minor hemorrhaging at the injection site or to having an allergic reaction to the Botox. There can also be pain and nausea following the procedure for up to seven days.


This list is far from comprehensive, but it does address the more common reactions to Botox. There are much more serious complications that can arise though, so for someone seriously considering injections, more research would be in order.


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