Sparse brows are unheard of for some (“What’s that?”), and the bane of existence for others, (“My eyebrows disappear in pictures!”) For a percentage of the latter group, it’s not uncommon to find those who are desperately searching for any method to restore their eyebrows – even methods that seem somewhat risky.


Rogaine on the brows. Sounds intuitive enough, right? Not quite. Rumors have flown about such attempts resulting in female ‘staches. Even in the absence of such a blatantly undesirable side effect, Rogaine is a product made to restore hair loss that has occurred on the head, not elsewhere on the body. It’s not a wise move to self-treat in a fashion not prescribed by the product and its manufacturers.


Fortunately, there are products that do deal specifically with hair loss in the brow area. One such product is an eyebrow conditioner that is designed to restore thin, patchy brows. Whether they have diminished in thickness due to over-plucking, genetics, or otherwise, Brow Relongé effectively improves the appearance of fuller brows. Eyebrow serum is formulated to be non-irritating to eyes; see improvement in as little as two weeks.