Women today aren’t just content with reducing the look of wrinkles they have, they want to discourage forming new ones too.  Women are urged to select a wrinkle cream formula that uses Peptide technology, one of the best ingredients researched and known to support preventing wrinkle formation.  How do Peptides work? Peptides are mini-proteins or smaller chains of amino-acids that form as the collagen in skin breaks down. The peptides signal the skin that more collagen is needed. Applying a facial cream that is rich in peptides is thought to trick the skin into making more collagen.  Wrinkle creams formulated with peptides is researched and thought to activate collagen so cells renew giving skin a softer smoother appearance by plumping out wrinkles.


Look for a wrinkle cream that has been clinically tested and shown to help to diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines with continued usage. The formulation should contain ingredients tested and shown to increase elastin synthesis and collagen to discourage the formation of wrinkles and fine lines. Regular use of wrinkle cream will helps to even out the look of blotchy skin tone, help diminish blemish appearance, boost moisture.