As you begin to look in the mirror less and less frequently, you’re also starting to think that you need to do something about your wrinkles. Maybe they took you by surprise and you feel overwhelmed by their age-defining attributes (in a bad way) - but don’t worry, we have three easy steps to make sure you reduce them quickly and take your mind off them for good!

1) Set A Better Schedule For Yourself – wrinkles are brought on by a myriad of reasons, but stress and scheduling is a big one. No wrinkle creams will be able to cure the stresses you have at work, home, kids, or relationships, so try to take the time to organize your life and the wrinkles that come from hitting the panic button won’t emerge!

2) Reduce Piling on the Makeup – An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so keep using your dark circle removers, skin brighteners, and age spot treatments.  However, less makeup application will help your skin breath and remain exposed to its natural atmosphere. After you shower after a long day, if you’re not expecting company, leave the makeup off for the night. You’ll be surprised how much more your skin will clear up and you’ll feel fresh.

3) Take Up Yoga – Just like clogging your pores with makeup isn’t good, sweating them out is equally good as well. Yoga reduces stress and increase flexibility, which in turn is thought to help reduce wrinkles and lets you feel great. Now, not only will your wrinkles be reduced and appear more infrequently, your mind will be at ease with the beauty of life. Wrinkles are all in the mind!