Dark eye circles can be hereditary or the result of lack of sleep. Whatever your reason is, it’s likely you aren’t a fan of dark eye circles, which make you look tired and drained. Dark circles happen when there’s too much fluid under the eyes, which increases pigmentation. Zone in on this problem and reduce dark circles fast by investing in an eye cream specifically designed for dark circles. This isn’t an eye cream for anti-aging, it’s an eye cream specially formulated for reducing dark circles.

Excess fluids under the eyes can also lead to the puffy factor, which can’t be covered even with the priciest concealers and foundations. Look for an eye circle cream that will firm the skin temporarily, smoothing the puffy skin under the eyes. This, in conjunction with reduction of dark eye circles will make your skin look more alive and pampered than ever before. Dark circle creams aren’t only for women! If you’re a man suffering from dark, puffy eyes, understand how easy it is to work an eye cream into your night and morning routine. Dot the product where you need it and let it go to work each night. In the morning, apply it first thing to dry, clean skin, then follow with a moisturizer and any makeup you wear. It’s that simple and the result is smooth, even looking skin tone under the eyes.

Eye Creams in Pump Packaging Work Best

This is something we’ve thought was true for quite some time, but now it seems it’s really true. Scientists are learning that the less exposure skin care and anti-aging ingredients have to air, the more potent they stay. You want skincare products in pump packaging, which means very limited exposure to air. This is especially true for eye creams that are packed with ingredients to reduce hyperpigmentation and soften the puffy look of eyes.

Eye creams that target dark eye circles are especially important to keep fresh. Look for an easy to use pump-style package that can be put on the back of the hand, then applied to the under eye area. You don’t want a jar or bottle where the lid is completely removed when it’s time to use the product. Instead, look for a pump that you can gently press to get the product out. While this may seem like a small feature of an eye cream, it’s essential for those that are designed to fight free radicals and smooth the skin. This golden rule can be applied to any skin care product with anti-aging ingredients or those that have ingredients to target specific problems like dark eye circles or puffiness.