Just about everyone has seen varicose veins on someone and well over half the time it is a woman who is sporting them. Sometimes biology is just unfair. Chances are, if one or both parents have them, you will, too, at some point. It is best to know how they happen and what you can do.


Varicose veins are caused by little valves in the legs that have given up. They are supposed to help push blood upward, toward the heart, but have been weakened. Sometimes it is due to genetics, sometimes a lack of exercise, or activities that require too much standing or sitting.


There is a way to reduce the unsightly lines. If you stand in one place or sit a whole lot, pace a bit as often as you can during the day. After work, take a walk. Treat yourself to a nice massage before each bedtime. Put a bit of cream in the palm of your hand and put your hands together. Warm the cream. Then massage the cream in the affected areas. Not only will you help spider and varicose veins become less noticeable in appearance, your skin will look brighten as well, and hold a more even tone. Look for a cream with ingredients that have been clinically tested. Get ready to pull out that miniskirt again, it’s time to show off your beautiful legs!