Botox is so last century. In the meantime, the anti-wrinkle and facial beauty industry has introduced many other noninvasive but equally effective methods to achieve the same results that Botox claims to offer.


There are many reasons why Botox is no longer the best option for treating facial wrinkles these days. For one, Botox treatments are authorized by the FDA to only be used on about 5% of the face. This would leave as much as 95% of the face untreated. Whereas an effective anti-wrinkle cream, can be applied and used to treat the entire face.


There is no need to be shot up with foreign toxins anymore, just to appear young looking. New technology in the form of anti-wrinkle serums will help you to effectively reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles at key spots like around the eyes, under the eyelids and laugh lines around the mouth.


These serums also pose other benefits, like naturally building the skin’s collagen back up and keeping the skin moisturized, to name a few. These and other reasons are motivation enough to turn away from Botox treatments and embrace this noninvasive, affordable anti-wrinkle treatment options.