Over the last decade false lashes have become quite popular.  Whether you have been applying false lashes from a beauty counter, or having them bonded on by a professional, your false lashes become quite the expense.  If you are looking for ways to eliminate the hassle of false lash application without sacrificing the look of full long eyelashes, it’s time to try an eyelash conditioner.


Lash conditioners are a natural serum that promotes the appearance of longer, fuller, thicker eyelashes.  With just a month of consistent use lash conditioners have been found to enhance the look of lash length by up to 55%.


Using an eyelash conditioner serum couldn’t be easier!  You simply remove your makeup and false lashes at the end of the day.  Then you apply a thin line of your eyelash serum to the root of your lashes—and that’s it!  After 4-6 weeks you should begin to see a significant change in the overall appearance and health of your lashes.  Lash conditioners are generally made from natural ingredients so there is no need to worry about the serum irritating your eye.


If you are ready to ditch the falsies once and for all, make the move to a natural eyelash conditioner serum.