The sun is going down earlier and that means a groggy, sluggish feeling. Sometimes if we aren’t getting enough fresh air, exercise and eating well, it starts to show in our skin. Tired, dull skin is something many men and women battle during the cold weather months. As we transition to cooler weather, consider implementing a skin brightening cream into your beauty routine. A skin brightening cream is simple to use and can work wonders for dull skin that needs a pick me up as we head into winter.

We all benefit from extra moisture in the cold months, but a skin brightening cream also targets discoloration, hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone. A skin brightening cream is also ideal for blotchy skin, which can be a result of acne treatments or acne scars. Skin brightening cream should be applied morning and night, in addition to your normal skincare routine. Regular use of a skin brightening formula will smooth and even the appearance of skin tone.

For women, this allows you to wear less makeup. Imagine softer, smoother skin that’s look even in skin tone. This means you can get rid of the various colors of foundation and concealer in your bathroom cabinet. Less makeup on your face means skin has a chance to breathe and return to a healthy, smooth appearance.

A diet rich in fast foods, sugary drinks and fatty, greasy foods will also dull skin.  improving your diet and eating healthier choices, plus losing a few pounds will help skin appearance as well.  Need a nudge in the right direction?  Visit for more dieting tips.