Fake lashes have become part of the beauty routine for many women worldwide. Women everywhere want the look of lush, thick lashes, even if it means putting glue on the lash line and holding your breath that the false-lash stays perfectly in place all day. Lash serums have now arrived on the beauty market and are garnering rave reviews from celebrities and every day women alike. Why? Because they’re simple to use and promote the look of fuller, thicker lashes without the hassle of fake lashes and glue.

Q: How do I use a lash serum?

A:  Eyelash serum should be applied to the upper lash line every night. This works just like applying liquid liner to the top lash line. That’s all you do. With nightly use, you will see the appearance of fuller eyelashes in just weeks. You must continue usage for lasting results.

Q: Is lash serum safe for my eyes?

A: Yes. Remember you’re sleeping at night, so you won’t run the risk of getting the serum in your eyes. Just as you use eye serum and face creams on the area around the eyes, you’re doing the same with a lash conditioning serum. The eyelash serum is applied to the exterior of the eye and does not pose a threat.