Longer fuller lashes—Isn’t that what every girl dreams of?  If you’ve never had the full eyelashes you’ve always wanted, or if your lashes are beginning to thin, I would suggest incorporating an eyelash serum into your daily skin care routine.  Think about it, we condition our skin and the hair on our head, so why not our eyelashes too?

Eyelash conditioners are designed to give you the appearance of thicker, longer, and fuller eyelashes.  Adding this extra step to your daily routine will only take an extra minute of time each day. 

When you remove your makeup in the evening, you simply apply a thin layer of your lash serum to your upper eyelids, similar to how you would apply liquid eye liner.  To see effective results, consistency is key.  You will begin to see the look of longer lashes in about 4 weeks. 

There are numerous lash conditioning products on the market today.  Our eyes are sensitive, so make sure you choose a product with all natural ingredients and clinical testing.  Some of the most common natural ingredients found in lash conditioners are:  pumpkin seed, cucumber, white tea, vitamin B, and allotin.