Some say there is really no reason for using eye cream. But take a moment to consider this. For one, because you are laughing constantly, usually at the silly things the boyfriend is doing, you crinkle up your eyes a bit. For the first thirty years, the skin will show no worse for wear. However, a few years later it becomes more noticeable that little lines are forming - those dreaded crow’s feet.


You may think there is nothing to do about it, but really there is. Cream especially formulated for the very purpose of reducing lines around your beautiful eyes has been created. Not only do the lines form from the happy laughter, but also from the rays of the sun and the fact that the skin tends to be a bit drier there. This last is caused from the lack of glands in the area.


Know there is something that you can do for these creases that can make you look older than you actually are. Wrinkle Cream, when used daily, helps make you look younger than you actually are! For the best results, use it in the morning and then again when readying yourself for bed. Oprah said to Stevie Nicks, who was a special guest last year, that she looked great. Stevie mentioned that each night after the performances, she would fully remove all the stage makeup, cleanse her face fully and moisturize, especially around her eyes. Her face certainly does not carry the years shown on her birth certificate!


Begin using Wrinkle Cream twice daily. You will not only reduce any crow’s feet from forming, but if they are already there help reduce them. The mirror will become an even better friend! Not yet in your thirties? This is a great time to start using the cream, before any permanent creases appear. And ladies, remember your sunscreen and sunglasses.