Wrinkles don’t just pop up over night.  They start out gradually as a laugh line here or there and before you know it, they don’t disappear.  There are many reasons that our skin wrinkles and surprisingly many of them have nothing to do with aging. 

Lack Of Adequate Sleep—When our body is not getting enough sleep it sends out a stress hormone cortisol.  Cortisol has been found to damage skin cells which decrease elasticity which can lead to wrinkles.

Sleeping On Your Side Or Stomach—When you sleep in a position for multiple hours each night the delicate skin on your face will start to respond to the position you lay in by forming wrinkles on the areas you are laying on.  To reduce this form of wrinkling sleep on your back, and use satin pillowcases.

Sun Damage—Even when you are outdoors and it’s overcast your skin is being exposed to the suns damaging rays.  This damage is significantly increased when you are sunbathing without out a hat or shade.  While the sun may give you the tan you desire, it will break down the elasticity of your skin.  To prevent this damage wear a foundation with sunscreen and reapply every two hours when you are sunbathing.

These are just a few of the causes of wrinkles that are not directly related to aging, but there are many more.  The good news is that you can decrease winkling and maintain your skin’s elasticity by selecting an anti-wrinkle cream.  Anti-wrinkle face cream boosts your skin’s moisture level, promotes firm skin, and aids in reducing damage your skin is exposed to that lead to wrinkles and fine lines.  Begin your anti-wrinkle skin care regimen before you begin to see fine lines start to appear so that you can discourage wrinkling before it begins to develop.